Are you getting in your own way?

I didn’t know it, but I have totally been getting in my own way!

Here is how I’ve started to move over…

I discovered Access Consciousness Bars a short while ago when I attended an introduction to Bars class with Jessica Summers. After my first experience of it, I was keen to take it further.

More recently, I attended an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner course with Jessica which involved running Bars on others and also having my own Bars run. (Running Bars is the term used for touching points on the head related to bars of energy that correspond to different thoughts or points of view such as creativity, control, awareness, time and space and many more).

I’m not sure what I expected but over the following few days I started to notice points of view I had been holding that had been getting in my way without me having realised they were there.


A seemingly small and silly example was the point of view I had been holding that ‘I am always tired and never feel awake in the morning’.


To all intents and purposes, this was true for me.

In fact, my experience had taught me that this was resoundingly true. After many years of disturbed and too little sleep (which came along with having two lovely children), I had come to a conclusion that tiredness was just part of life now. I would never have actively questioned or challenged this belief.

This was it for me – even though my children now sleep through the night 95% of the time.

I woke up tired.

I dragged myself through the shower.

I lived in a heavy fog of tiredness until around mid-morning almost every day.

I expected it and to a large part, I accepted it. On the occasions I didn’t feel it, I always expected it to return to get me later!


But here’s the thing – after having my Bars run I realised I didn’t have to feel tired if I wasn’t actually tired.

This sounds ridiculously obvious but it was a strange revelation just after getting out of bed a couple of days after the class.

I’d had enough sleep and I didn’t need to feel tired. As I realised, my vision literally sharpened up and I felt awake!

It feels important to say that the realisation did not come in the form of a ‘should’ e.g. I should feel awake/I shouldn’t feel tired. It was simply that I didn’t need to feel tired if I wasn’t actually tired!

I realised my body had been feeling tired out of habit even if I’d had good quality sleep. Coupled with my own expectation of feeling bloody knackered all the time, of course I continued to feel knackered. Why would I not?

My points of view were preventing me from feeling any other way.


Surely this was a fluke? Surely it wouldn’t continue?

But actually, so far it has. This is not to say that I never feel tired, but now I only feel tired when it is appropriate to feel tired and it isn’t as much of a big deal when I am. It has a different quality to it and doesn’t feel like exhaustion or like such a heavy weight.


What more is possible?

It may sound daft, but just this one change has been really significant for me and has opened up new possibilities. Some mornings, I’ve got out of bed and been for a run. For anyone who knows me, you know that this is unheard of!

I’m not in such a rush because I haven’t snoozed my alarm 3 times in a row.

My mornings feel so much easier!


Awareness is key

It has been a helpful reminder that becoming aware of our thoughts, beliefs and points of view is absolutely key if we want to get out of our own way.

I had always thought of myself as being quite self aware. I’ve been a pscyhotherapist for a long time. I’m very accustomed to spotting and exploring the beliefs of my clients and exploring the beliefs I held that were accessible to me.

But I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Now I know that there are things I don’t know.

Now I believe that it may be possible to know more.

This feels like a good place to be.


In fact, the tagline on my Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner certificate reads: ’empowering people to know that they know’.



Are you getting in your own way?

So how do we gain insight and access to more awareness?

Personally, I plan to continue having my Bars run.

If you don’t fancy having your Bars run, a simple thing you can do is to ask a question.

What beliefs or points of view are you absolutely taking for granted and treating as true?

Are they really true?

What barriers have you created that don’t really need to be there?

Is something else possible?


Have a lovely day!

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I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and EMDR therapist, mum of 2 awesome children and founder of Lemon Squeezy Wellbeing! I offer wellbeing workshops and guided relaxation sessions to workplaces in Bradford, Calderdale and Kirklees.

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