Lists: Are They Helpful?

The only way to write this blog is in the form of a couple of lists:

List 1: Yes


  1. Lists can help you to organise your thoughts and reduce the chance of forgetting things.
  2. Lists can be helpful in prioritising tasks, particularly if you use a priority rating system when making your list.
  3. They can help you plan ahead and organise your time well.
  4. Writing a list of worries can help you to see which ones you can problem solve and which ones are hypothetical.
  5. A list of pros and cons can help when making decisions.
  6. A list can keep you focused and on track. (If I didn’t write a shopping list I would return home with an assortment of interesting food but no actual meals!)


List 2: No


  1. If you have too much on your to-do list you are likely to feel overwhelmed.
  2. Lists can be a sneaky way of procrastinating.
  3. If you over-rely on lists to prevent forgetting, you may not be giving yourself a chance to trust your memory.
  4. If you are constantly adding to your lists and never reach the end it could be contributing towards feeling stressed and frustrated or thinking that you are never doing enough.



  1. Keep to-do lists short and achievable.
  2. Give a priority rating to your tasks.
  3. Try adding ‘take a break’ to your list (and give it top priority!)


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I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and EMDR therapist, mum of 2 awesome children and founder of Lemon Squeezy Wellbeing! I offer wellbeing workshops and guided relaxation sessions to workplaces in Bradford, Calderdale and Kirklees.

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